Daniel McMullin, associate director of Cornell United Religious Work (CURW).

Daniel McMullin, associate director of Cornell United Religious Work (CURW).

When as a young man I left home for college, I discovered that there were three things of vital importance to me: solid theological formation; a series of wise, well-educated spiritual directors; and regular prayer.  Now at this present stage of my life, regular theological updating, ongoing direction and daily prayer sustain me as much as – or maybe even more than – air and water and food!

How wonderful then to have found the Spiritual Renewal Center!  Great speakers, capable directors, support for deepening personal prayer, all within driving distance from my home in Ithaca and with no exorbitant tuition costs.  What a gift!

Of course, the Center cannot endure entirely on compliments, good wishes, and promises of prayer.  Programming needs real dollars.  And while the Reign of God has already begun, bills still need to be paid.

If the Spiritual Renewal Center has been significant in your life, won’t you consider a generous gift, or an ongoing monthly commitment so that more spiritually hungry people can discover this wonderful place of ministry and hope?

God bless you as you discern your own commitment to this life-sustaining ministry.

Rev. Daniel McMullin
Cornell United Religious Work
Trustee of the Spiritual Renewal Center

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