Dear friends,

glasses-850195_1280The lending library of the Spiritual Renewal Center began quite spontaneously.  Bob Reschke, an early supporter and friend of the Center, came by with a small box of spiritual books from his bookshelf at home. “I thought maybe some visitor might like to borrow one of these to read – I’m glad to share.” That was September of 1978, soon after we’d first opened.

Now 38 years later we have over 10,000 books, a magnificent resource for anyone seeking to grow in their relationship with God. And currently we are engaged in a massive upgrade to our library system that I want to make sure that you know about.

We have begun a process of barcoding every volume in the library, converting from Dewey Decimal System to Library of Congress cataloging, computerizing the procedure for borrowing and tracking books, and uploading our entire database of books to cloud storage. When this project is complete – which will take a number of months – you will be able to access our library online through our website using any computer or mobile device, search for titles or authors or subjects, and reserve books for pickup. The new system will make library work a lot easier for our staff and dedicated helpers, and hopefully introduce lots of new people to this remarkable collection!

I’m so grateful to master librarians Aaron Neslin and Molly Wilber, who are generously donating their knowledge and experience and time to oversee the transition and help make it happen. My thanks also to the many volunteers who are working with them!

A first-class lending library is just one facet of what the Spiritual Renewal Center provides to the People of God in central New York and far beyond. This newsletter is filled with descriptions of other fine offerings available to anyone who’s hungry for God. Your financial support is essential – please partner with us in this work by giving generously!

In Christ,

Jim Krisher


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