Dear friends of the Spiritual Renewal Center,

Blessings to you at the start of a new year!

P1120700It has been a lamentably fast three months for me at the Spiritual Renewal Center, and I am awash with gratitude as I look back on the time. This is a place rich in faith, hope, and love, and I have been given much to treasure.

For me, the Spiritual Renewal Center has, even in my short time here, become a family, a family of believers in Central New York united in Christ, making manifest that work of the Spirit who builds us together spiritually into “a dwelling place for God” P1120852(Eph. 2:21). This dwelling place is concrete, made of real people, making real sacrifices in the service of Christ in one another. And it is a hard reality that without sufficient financial resources, this service cannot continue. It has been a privilege to share in this great ministry, and my prayer as I leave is that it will receive the financial support it so dearly needs to thrive in its enrichment of that “great cloud of witnesses” that is Church. The tireless service of those who work here, placing themselves at the disposal of any and all who would deepen their relationship with God, does indeed depend on your continued generosity.

Gratefully, I wish you peace!


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