Recently, I was privileged to hear a man who received radiation for prostate cancer tell the story of what that period in his life was like. During his presentation, I found him to be very peaceful as he shared his inspiring experience. This man radiated love. He told of how this prayer was in his heart and he prayed it over and over again during his radiation treatment:

Oh God, burn away everything in me that is not LOVE.


The line immediately grabbed my heart. It was so powerful and bold. What would the world be like with only love? How different would our businesses, religious institutions, governments and political arenas be? What would leadership look like in this world? What would it be like in our families, homes, workplaces, neighborhoods and churches if love prevailed?

The very next day, following the presentation, I sat in prayer and pondered: “what if all that was left was love?”

  • Would we all treat others and be treated lovingly with kindness and compassion?
  • Would there be no starvation or hunger because food would be a fundamental human right?
  • Would there be no war, no bloodshed, no brutality and no violence?
  • Would people freely open their homes and hearts to their neighbors in need?
  • Would children have access to the best care and education possible?
  • Would health care be readily available to all who need it?

Isn’t “YES,” to these questions what God desires for us — to live in a “love-only” world? I pray that, with the GRACE of God, I am able to LOVE more deeply. So, I join this man in this beautiful prayer and I ask God to burn away everything in me that is not love.

I simply put this out that you may also be drawn to pray this prayer:

Oh God, burn away everything in me that is not LOVE.

Is this a prayer YOU might also embrace? How different might others who have interactions with us be, if love was the primary message they received from us? I invite you to share your thoughts or comments below.

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