Jim Krisher

In September 1978, Jim Krisher founded the Spiritual Renewal Center to “promote evangelization and spiritual renewal.” With a strong sense of mission, Jim promptly began offering programs in scripture and Christian spirituality and developing services that helped people get in touch with God. Originally a small office above Rothschild’s Drugstore, the center has flourished and is now home to a large library, classroom space, private direction rooms and spacious community center. 

Today, the Spiritual Renewal Center is located on the border of the vibrant University Hill district at 1342 Lancaster Avenue in Syracuse, NY. Christian adults from across New York State seek spiritual direction and renewal opportunities at the Center. We currently have 19 spiritual directors on staff who support individuals as they walk their path with God. In addition, we offer programs about Christian spirituality throughout the year – ranging from exploring the teachings of great Christian mystics to finding God through prayer or photography or spiritual reading and discernment.

Spiritual Renewal Center is a religious, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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