Dear Friends and Supporters of the Spiritual Renewal Center,

May this season of Lent be for you a time of more abundant Life and rich grace from our God!

I had a great experience a few weeks ago when I was leading a group of twenty inmates at a state prison not far from here.  We were talking about the parable of the vineyard laborers from Mt. 20:1-15.

I always love working with this parable in spiritual groups as it so often leads to breakthrough insights and intense conversation – and this evening gathering was no different. About half-way through the study, a young guy sitting to my right suddenly got this startled look on his face and exclaimed “How’d you do that?”  I had no idea what he meant at first, but he continued. “How’d you make that happen? One minute we’re talking about the men in the parable and the next minute you turn it all upside down and I see it’s really about my life! That’s awesome!”

And it’s always awesome to me too when I witness God’s grace at work like that in a brother or sister’s life! It never ceases to make me immensely grateful for the privilege of serving in this ministry that I know touches people’s lives on such a deep level.

Our prison work is a small, hidden, yet important service that we offer through the Spiritual Renewal Center, and it’s your financial support that helps to make it possible.

All that we do – the courses and workshops, the days, evenings and weekends of renewal, the extensive library and opportunities for individual spiritual direction – ALL that we do through this Center is only possible because of the contributions of good people like you.

We need your help and support, and I beg your Lenten alms as this holy season begins. Thank you for all you give to the Spiritual Renewal Center, and to all the various ministries that serve God’s beloved sons and daughters around the world.

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Peace in Christ,

Jim Krisher

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