Jim Krisher

Jim Krisher

May 15 marked one year since this ministry moved from our Court St. home to our new location on Lancaster Ave. We seem to be well settled here now, and very happy that God has brought us to this place.

Over the year we’ve seen many new faces who have come to participate in events, and seek spiritual direction. In fact, we have more folks coming for direction now than at any point in our previous history, and we are grateful to be able to provide this service in Christ to so many people! If you are at all interested in beginning spiritual direction with one of our staff, I’d be happy to discuss it with you and help you connect with one of our gifted directors. Spiritual direction is usually long-term, but it can also be helpful on a short-term basis if you are looking for a spiritual perspective on some life issue, or important decision, or problem you may be facing.

We are busy lining up a stellar schedule of renewal events and programs for the autumn months and beyond – be sure to get full details in our September issue of this newsletter.

The Spiritual Renewal Center is a place where the beauty and dignity of every person is respected and celebrated! Your contributions are what make this ministry possible, and I beg your continued support especially in these summer months when our income tends to plummet. Thank you in advance for all your goodness to this shared work of God!

In Christ,

Jim Krisher

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