Thanks to Sister Marise May for sharing this month’s story!


A woman who comes for spiritual direction was talking about a visit she’d had with her maternal aunt.  Always a difficult person, the aunt now lived alone in another city.  Family members always gave her a wide berth because she could be so caustic and negative in her treatment of others.  This niece likewise avoided her, having heard so many stories of how harshly she had treated her mother, the aunt’s sister.  However she felt some responsibility toward her aunt and decided to pay her a visit.  One day after much prayer she got up her courage and made the drive to where the aunt lived. To her great surprise she was received very warmly, and the two had a most pleasant visit.  Her aunt expressed delight and sincere gratitude that her niece had come to visit.  When she left the aunt, she felt such gladness that she had made the effort.

Three days later she received word that the aunt had suddenly and unexpectedly died!  The woman turned to God in great thankfulness for nudging her to visit when she did!

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