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"Transformation is the work of God."

Who We Are

The Spiritual Renewal Center has been serving in central New York since September of 1978, when founder Jim Krisher with a small group of supporters opened the first Center on East Genesee St. in Syracuse. The Center was incorporated as a non-profit religious organization in November of 1979 and a governing board of trustees was formed. The ministry has moved several times since we began this work.


With Catholic and Ignatian roots, over decades we have grown into a diverse ecumenical ministry of spiritual formation which draws both believers and seekers. Those who participate in our offerings as well as those who minister here come from diverse backgrounds and denominations. The Center attracts people not only from our immediate area, but from distant places as well. With the continuing development of virtual media, our reach now extends around the United States and even draws participants from other countries.


We continually strive to maintain our hard-earned track record of quality Christian programming, and gifted staff and presenters. 


The Center is a peaceful place where anyone who seeks a deeper walk with God can find guidance for their journey, and wisdom for their soul. Comfortable lounge areas, classroom space, a magnificent lending library, and private conversation rooms have made the Center a great place to visit. 


This ministry has always been a grassroots endeavor, and the good work that is done is the result of both the labors of the people who work here and the labors of the wide community of believers who are involved here, and who support the Center through their participation, spiritual gifts, and financial support. 

Mission Statement

Believing in the transforming power of God’s love, we seek through the Spiritual Renewal Center to offer opportunities for growth in Christian spirituality. We do this, as a grassroots ministry, through education, evangelization, spiritual direction, ministries in response to special needs or interests of the community, and programs for personal formation and renewal.

We are dedicated to helping adult believers cooperate with the work of God in their own lives and in the lives of those they may be called to serve. 

What We Offer

By appointment, for those desiring ongoing guidance for their Christian journey, or looking for a spiritual perspective on the life issues they are facing.


formal in-depth study courses, informal Bible study groups, and special programs and workshops.

Scripture Study

Over 10,000 books, audio, and videos on scripture and Christian spirituality.


The nineteenth annotation retreat offered to men and women 

Exercises of St. Ignatius 

including our two year Mentoring Program, and regularly scheduled seminars in spiritual direction.

Programs for the Training and Development of Spiritual Directors 

On various aspects of living the Christian spiritual life

and Courses

A variety of on-site programs and renewal events are offered to parishes and Christian organizations.

Services to Local 

Evening, daytime, and weekend retreat and renewal opportunities for everyone!

Renewal Events

Reporting scheduled events and activities. We will be happy to add you to either or both mailing lists.

Bi-monthly Newsletter and

Featuring handmade items from developing countries around the world – open during regular Center Hours.

Gift Shop

Testimonies about the Center

Testimonies about the Spiritual Renewal Center
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