Online library coming soon!

Our library of over 10,000 books will soon be available right at your fingertips! Our group of volunteers have been working tirelessly with their fearless leader Molly Wilber, MLS to help us in this transition.

The search engine will be available through our website and you will be able to check whether or not we have a particular book by title, author or subject. The new system will allow you to place a temporary “hold” on an item, and will also remind patrons of overdue books.

We are certainly excited to share this great improvement with the community!

What does grace look like?

This month’s submission comes from Jim Krisher, the Center’s director.

He was sitting opposite me, a recently retired man telling of the unexpected turns in his life. It had been years since I’d last seen him, and in those years a lot had happened.

Chief among them was a major stroke that had severely affected his wife’s memory. While there were no outward changes in her physical abilities, mentally she was greatly diminished, unable to remember conversations from one minute to the next, prone to hoarding even bits of refuse, and needing near constant supervision.

He also explained how unable he was to connect with God in any of the ways he had connected in the past — through formal prayer, church involvement, spiritual reading, etc. He had not the least desire to even try to do those things anymore, and was concerned about what that said about his faith and relationship with God.

“Where I meet God is in caring for my wife, in loving her. My whole life revolves around her. People ask me all the time how can I do it, or if I’m resentful of the demands this makes on me. But I don’t resent it at all! In caring for her I experience God’s caring for me. God is so real for me in those moments it almost overwhelms me!”

Meet the Board of Trustees

Pictured here are members of our Board of Trustees. We are so grateful for the faithful commitment, knowledge and leadership that guides the ministries offered here at the Center. We will certainly miss Kay Satterfield (not pictured) who is relocating. Thanks Kay for sharing your many gifts with the Spiritual Renewal Center!

Ignatian practitioners

What a wonderful opportunity for folks who previously experienced the Spiritual Exercises to stay engaged and in contact with one another. Pictured here is a group who meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to share their faith experiences. The group is facilitated by Fr. Lou Sogliuzzo. If you’ve participated in the exercises and would like to learn more about the group, give Fr. Lou a call at the Center 315-472-6546.

What Does Grace Look Like?

I  was doing a retreat day in early Lent for inmates at one of the medium security correctional facilities here in Central New York. I had started with a meditation I’ve often used in prisons, in which I invite the guys to re-enter a p
ast experience of being loved by another person. It’s a meditation that has led men to tears, and the sharing of powerful transformative moments in their lives.

On this occasion, one of the men told of how in his prayer he had been brought back to the day when he was convicted in court. The jury had returned a guilty verdict, and he was bustled outside to the waiting police car. He told of how as he was being put into the vehicle, he looked up to see his mother, his grandmother, and his sister standing off to the side – all three of them gazing at him with great tenderness, and they were sobbing. In that moment, he said, he felt such a powerful sense of their love for him that it almost overwhelmed him.

“It’s just so incredible,” he said, “that on that darkest day of my life I would be given such a beautiful awareness of how much I am loved.” It was clear that God had deeply touched him again through the memory of it, and he was visibly moved.

Celebrating 3 years on Lancaster Ave

It was three years ago this month of May that the Spiritual Renewal Center moved from its long-term location on Court St. to our present site on Lancaster Ave. The move has proved providential in so many ways as staff and participants at the Center have enjoyed the beautiful and easily accessible new space. The ministry has grown considerably in this short time, and God continues to richly bless our work and render it fruitful.

I am well aware that nothing at all could happen without the generous support of all of you, who have believed in this ministry and helped us grow over now 38 years and counting. In this season of renewed life, I pray that you might enjoy the Presence of the Risen One who is our joy!

Please, continue your kind partnership with the Spiritual Renewal Center by sending your gifts online.  I am deeply grateful to all of you!