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Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius Loyola

Are you interested in developing a consistent prayer practice? Has your relationship with Christ led you to want to know Him better?

This may be a good time to consider the Spiritual Exercises, a program of prayer designed by St. Ignatius Loyola over 500 years ago. This classic of Christian spirituality leads a person into friendship with Jesus through prayerful contemplation of scripture and developing a discerning heart.


Praying Daily


Weekly Meetings


Solo Sessions w/ Prayer Guide

Spiritual Exercises

Spiritual Exercises

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Journaling Experiences


Ingregate Faith into Everday Life


Perseverance to be a Faithful Disciple of Jesus

Group Program

Beginning September 12 and continuing through May, the program takes place Tuesdays, 1- 3 PM. This includes time with an individual prayer guide and a group teaching session. Each participant commits to 30-60 minutes of daily personal prayer with prescribed materials.

Exercise with your friends and/or family!

Solo Program

If you want to make the Spiritual Exercises in the 30-week format but you cannot come on Tuesday afternoon please consider joining us this year for an individually directed retreat.  You will meet weekly with your retreat director and pray each day on your own schedule.  This can either be an in person or zoom meeting to accommodate those who work or live at a distance.

Experience these exercises individually!

Further Questions or Concerns

Contact Steve at 315-472-6546 or


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